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JT3 releases free sampler album ‘The Story So Far’

2014 - The Story So Far

The Joe Trainor Trio has just released a free album available exclusively through ReverbNation.  The album, called “The Story So Far” is a sampler compiled from their last 7 years of recording.  In addition to songs from “Drive” and “Twelve Stories”, the record includes two NEW songs, two cover recordings and two live versions of JT3 favorites.

You can download the record for free HERE.





1. The Rail [from ‘Drive’ 2009]
2. A Face In The Crowd [from ‘Drive’ 2009]
3. Somebody To Love [unreleased studio recording 2010, originally recorded by Queen]
4. Memoir [from Joe’s solo CD ‘Branches’ 2010]
5. Head Above Water [from Joe’s solo CD ‘Branches’ 2010]
6. I Don’t Care Anymore [unreleased studio recording 2011, originally recorded by Phil Collins]
7. The Thing About Boats [from ‘Twelve Stories’ 2012]
8. Keeping Up The Pace [from ‘Twelve Stories’ 2012]
9. Queen Of New Jersey [from ‘Twelve Stories’ 2012]
10. Until The Rain [2014 single version]
11. Everything Is Beautiful [2014 single version]
12. Can’t Believe My Eyes (live) [recorded live on November 14, 2014.  Originally appeared on ‘Drive’]
13. For The Rest Of You (live) [recorded live on November 14, 2014.  Originally appeared on ‘Drive’]


Joe Trainor: Piano, vocals [tracks 1 – 13]
Kevin Niemi: Bass [tracks 1 – 3 & 6 – 13]
Jeff Dement: Drums [tracks 6 – 13]


Mike Doroff: Drums [tracks 1 & 2]
Robin Alferi: Violin [track 2]
Janice Nieves: Violin [track 2]
Sam Peters: Viola [track 2]
Katheryn Makos: Cello [track 2]
Bob Baronio: Trumpet [track 9]
Will Bears: Viola [track 9]
Penny Carmack: Backing Vocals [track 9]
Matt Casarino: Sax [track 9]
Doug Darrell: Trombone [track 9]
Josh Dowiak: Violin [track 9]
Jill Knapp: Backing Vocals [track 9]
Lauren Mastrogiovanni: Cello [track 9]
Kerry Kristine McElrone: Backing Vocals [track 9]

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