The Joe Trainor Trio

Hometown Heroes Awards and Sprout Music Collective

WSTW’s Hometown Heroes is a regional awards ceremony that happens every year. In the past we’ve been honored with some awards, and we are eligible for more this year. But we need your help to get nominated. Just go to….scroll down to the link and you can nominate JT3 in a host of categories.

JT3 is eligible in the following categories:
– Best Song – Everything Is Beautiful
– Best Band – The Joe Trainor Trio
– Best Lead Singer – Joe Trainor
– Best Bassist – Kevin Niemi
– Best Drummer – Jeff Dement
– Best Keyboardist – Joe Trainor
– Best Songwriter – Joe Trainor
– Best Rock Song – Everything Is Beautiful
– Best Live Act – Joe Trainor Trio
– Best Concert – JT3’s 7th Anniversary Show

JT3 is happy to hit the stage at Sprout Music Collective in West Chester tomorrow night. Kicking things off at 10 will be Dan Kauffman (from Glim Dropper) followed by a couple of sets from the Trio. It’s located at 130 E Prescott Alley and it’s only 5 bucks to get in. Hope to see you there!

Catch us at The Grape Room in Manayunk on January 30 and 1984 on February 6.

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