The Joe Trainor Trio

JT3 performs “I Am The Walrus”

Joe Trainor TrioThe drums are set, and tonight we start recording JT3’s second CD.  11 original songs written over the last 2 years being engineered and co-produced by Ray Gagliardino at Studio 825.  As promised, here is the second free download….our unique take on The Beatles’ classic “I Am The Walrus”.  This track, a recent mainstay to our live set, captures a lot of the energy of our live show while spotlighting our interest in creating new arrangements for familiar tunes.  Some JT3 material includes various keyboard overdubs (electric pianos, strings, organs, etc) in addition to the piano, but this arrangement shows the band in it’s most stripped down mode.  Just Jeff Dement on drums, Kevin Niemi on bass and Joe Trainor on piano and vocal.

Be sure to check us out our Facebook exclusive studio blog at, where we’re tracking the process of recording the next album.

The Joe Trainor Trio – I Am The Walrus


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