The Joe Trainor Trio

Don’t Forget Fergie’s!

Come out to Fergies on Wednesday February 3rd!Just a quick reminder to everyone – come out and hear the boys live at Fergie’s pub next Wednesday night. It’s live, it’s original music, it’s FREE, and it’s the Joe Trainor Trio. Really? How much more can you ask for?

As many of you already know, the JT3 often play covers of tunes that they particularly like. Ben Folds, Prince, and Led Zeppelin have all had songs that the Trio performed as only they can. As a tribute to the likes of these amazing musicians, the JT3 are going to put together an EP of “Songs We Didn’t Write” – a gift  for their fans!

What’s that? You’d like a sample of this fun new EP? Alrighty – here you go! Here’s the Joe Trainor Trio performing “Ramble On” – originally written and performed by Led Zeppelin:

Ramble On – performed by The Joe Trainor Trio

February 3 – Fergie’s Pub

1214 Samsom St, Philadelphia, PA 19107
Start: 9:30pm
Tickets: Free!
Special Guests: Mash Potato Johnson!

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