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93.7 WSTW Hometown Heroes and the Joe Trainor Trio!

Heya folks! We’ve got some exciting news: The Joe Trainor Trio made the list for nominees to get a “Homey” this year! WSTW holds the Homeys every year to recognize local original music, and your favorite trio and mine might just bring one home, but they need your help!

Please take a few minutes and email and vote for the JT3 as Band of the Year, or for “Drive” as Album of the Year. Heck – you can even vote for Joe as Pianist, Kevin for Bassist, or Mike as Drummer of the Year! Just whatever you do, please take the few seconds it takes to send that email. We’d really appreciate it!

Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you at the upcoming gigs: Gemini Rising on Sunday the 24th, or Fergie’s Pub on February 3rd!

From the WSTW website:

The Homeys are awarded to achievements in local music in 2009, including traditional Grammy-esque categories such as Album of the Year, Song of the Year, etc.

The Homeys also recognize more offbeat listener-suggested categories. Past categories have included “Best sideburns,” “Best use of a hat in a musical setting,” “Coolest song intro” and “Best dressed band.”

As with most awards shows, the major categories will have five nominees. I need your help—you the local music fans in the Delaware Valley—to pick the nominees. Please e-mail me with your picks in any/all of the major categories:

  • Artist of the year
  • Album of the year
  • Song of the year
  • Best band
  • Male/Female solo artist
  • Lead singer
  • Etc.

Feel free to be creative with the other categories. It can be as simple as best video, best guitarist, keyboardist, drummer, etc. Or let your mind run and come up with some unique categories.

E-mail your nominations to by Saturday 1/23/10.

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